Double white roller blinds on a bay window

Roller blinds are probably the most popular window covering currently on the market in Australia. They are a simple product and can overcome a number of window covering ‘issues’.

However, they are not always the best solution for windows and buyers need to be aware of the pros and cons of these humble blinds. Remember when getting quotes to ALWAYS compare like with like: ask whether they are made in Australia, where the componentry comes from, how long is the warranty.

Bonded roller blind - Killara


  • Relatively inexpensive in most instances (as compared to other window coverings)
  • Provide privacy
  • Can possibly accommodate a view (sunscreens)
  • Can be thermal (blockout in particular)
  • Provide UV protection
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be spring loaded, chain controlled, battery operated or motorised
  • Can be adapted to a smart home wiring system
  • Easily installed
  • Come with child safety features
  • Available in a multitude of thicknesses, colours and textures to suit décor
  • Can be bonded with a curtain fabric if desired

Blockout roller blinds with pelmets


  • Unsuitable for very narrow windows or shaped windows
  • All fabrics have a maximum width which is finite
  • Gaps at sides of up to 22mm
  • Gaps where two blinds meet of 17-30mm
  • Flap in the breeze if window is open
  • Generally not a comparably strong product as only held in at 2 upper fixing points
  • Some windows require 2 blinds to satisfy privacy as well as view issues (i.e. expensive)
  • Vary greatly in price according to fabric and mechanisms