White s-fold curtains with grey contrast hem

Once again, reading the Homes liftout in the Saturday paper with the same old carry on about energy efficiency and cross ventilation, double glazing, solar power.

Reality check!!!! The article also mentions that the average home has 25 appliances on standby which will dramatically contribute to increases in energy usage and cost. I personally dont think our love of gadgetry will change any time soon. Are you willing to giveup your big screen TV or computer??? I dont think so!!!

Box pleat sheer curtains with lining on rods- Box Hill

If we keep building houses with windows (which I think is a given!) we will experience increased thermal intrusion in our homes.

This in turn will increase our energy costs and therefore our carbon footprint. Maybe the women have got it right: fully lined curtains with pelmets are the best most cost effective solution for windows to reduce energy consumption and in turn, reduce your energy bill. Where women have probably purchased curtains for their decorative qualities, it can now be argued that there are green benefits that cannot and should not be ignored.

Patterned Box Pleat curtains on a metal rod - Killara

So folks, just like solar panels, insulation and double glazing, curtains should be a high priority in making your home more energy efficient and reducing your carbon footprint! Nothing secret about it!