Screen roller blinds in home office

COVID-19 has thrust Australians into the world of working from home. This means a functional workspace is more important than ever to ensure maximum productivity in an environment full of distractions. Window treatments can have a significant impact on how effective a home office can be, in a room that is often overlooked in a design scheme.

We understand for many (Elise included!), working from the dining table is the only way you can carry out work at home. But for those lucky enough to have a permanent home office setup, let’s explore the ideal window treatments.

Roman Blind


Workspaces should be designed for practicality. For this reason, we rarely recommend window treatments with much ‘fuss’. Blinds and shutters are ideal as they only take up the space of the window itself. This leaves areas beneath the window available to place furniture. 

Plantation shutter
Plantation shutter


Harsh glare can have a major impact on how we see the screen of computers and other devices. To avoid these issues, you may need to filter or block harsh natural light. A simple sunscreen roller blind is a great way to filter the light and reduce glare, while offering daytime privacy. However, if you’d prefer complete light blockout, consider lined curtains or a lined Roman blind. Shutters or Venetian blinds can be a fabulous solution as they can be adjusted throughout the day to offer various levels of light & privacy.

Goblet Pleat curtains on a hand painted timber rod with tassel tiebacks


Fabric choices can go a long way to creating your ideal working environment. Generally speaking, home offices aren’t the most decorative room in the house, so an interesting fabric could be quite uplifting. If you are in a creative industry, you might consider bold colours or patterns. However, if your job is more “right-brain,” then muted pastels and soft neutrals are probably better for your blood pressure. 

TIP: Patterned fabrics & Roman blinds team together beautifully… don’t be afraid to inject a little personality!

Roman blind with contrast border
Roman blind with contrast border

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