Beige blockout curtains with matching pelmets & white sheers on a bay window

I have just received my industry copy of Window Furnishings Australia. Since the general public do not have access to this magazine, I thought it would be pertinent to replicate some of the interesting facts and figures found therein.

The Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) has developed software that can actually measure the R value or insulation effectiveness in a home. Their findings are conclusive but a bit complex, so I will attempt to simplify the figures in this blog.

Basically, the installation of verticals, venetians or open weave curtains (eg sheers) provide no improvement in the R value (insulation). They are equivalent in fact to a a single glazed pane of glass!!! So sitting in front of yourclosed verticals is just as cold as if they weren’t there at all!!! Waste of money if you ask me (even though they are cheap!!) Roller blinds improve things by around 20%. Lined curtains equal a 40% improvement. However (and here is the big jump), fully lined drapes pluspelmets drastically increase the R rating by 220%!!! That’s massive!!! It must be noted however, that these curtains are blockout lined, the sides return to the walls, and the hem is as close to the floor as poossible. The pelmet prevents any air escaping over the top.

Palm leaf patterned curtains with pelmets - Hunters Hill

So the figures I have just given you are scientifically proven; they are not simply invented by curtain retailers wanting to make sales!!!! Of course, not only does this rating talk about increased warmth in cold situations, but the reverse is also true for hot weather, which will inevitably come soon!!!

I dont know about you, but I would be rushing to get a quote right now if you want to significantly warm your home and reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint!!! Maybe you have old verticals that are useless?