double s-fold curtains on a corner window

Yes, custom made curtains are expensive in Australia. I refer only to custom made curtains in this blog, as ready-mades are definitely NOT expensive and are easily available to those who have limited budgets.

The biggest consideration here in Australia is the fact that we demand higher wages, superannuation, sick pay, holiday pay, etc. for work. If you are buying from a reputable window covering dealer, then expect to pay more for curtains made in Australia. This is not necessarily a bad thing… as you will have more protection if something goes wrong, and repairs or alterations can generally be done quickly and efficiently if you are not waiting for something from overseas!

Many people think that if a window is 2 metres wide, then it requires only 2 metres fabric. UNTRUE! A 2 metre wide window may require anything between 6 and10 metres fabric, depending on the style and the drop to the floor! Add on the same amount of lining, and the prices start to creep up.

You also need to consider any hardware that might be required, such as tracks or rods. Once again, you may opt for a cheap ready-made product found in “big box” retailers, or select a custom product that will fit your window perfectly and have the correct number of brackets to support it (many ready -made rods do not have enough support brackets).

Lastly, and certainly not least, your window coverings should be installed by an expert. Good window covering installers are a rare breed and worth their weight in gold!! The old adage: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” is certainly true here. We are happy to pay our installers whatever they ask so we know the job will be completed professionally and accurately.

So, yes, maybe curtains are expensive. However they are one of the major investments in your home and when completed properly, will last for many years. Alternately, curtains done “on the cheap” will always look cheap and will certainly not last as long. Ask the MTC team about how you can stretch your budget to purchase the best custom treatments.