A warranty is a form of written protection you are given on custom made products. Depending on the product, its quality and its purpose, a warranty can vary greatly in its terms and conditions. So what should you look for in a warranty?

The main thing is simplicity. Make sure you are getting a warranty that is written in plain English so that you are not bamboozled with complex jargon if the time ever comes to make a claim. You should know exactly what your warranty covers.

Standard warranties, however long they may be, should cover trading laws in your state, and therefore coverage on items being fit for purpose would be a standard inclusion that probably doesn’t even require written clarification. However, with custom made window coverings, you will need to assess what the initial purpose of the coverings will be, as not all window coverings are equal and used for the same reasons.

A definitive time length, such as 3 years, is good, as you will get an idea of the quality of the product you are purchasing. For example a blind with a one year warranty is probably going to be inferior to a blind with a five year warranty.

Does the warranty cover all manufacturing faults? Is the installation covered also? Some warranties become null and void, or at least reduce in length if you install the products yourself. Some companies offer extended warranties if you use their skilled installers.

Is the warranty a “no questions asked” or full of ifs and buts??? If this is not clear in the writing, then be sure to ask. I always offer this information to my new clients at the point of sale. It’s disheartening that many never think to ask.

Lastly, beware the lifetime warranty. This is a very general term, which at face value appears that your product will never be likely to present any problems. However, what is the lifetime of a product? One year? Three Years? Don’t get sucked into this type of warranty.

Remember that you should always buy the best you can afford and remember to ask about the warranty so that you may enjoy your window coverings for many years to come.