Blue & white chinoiserie patterned Roman Blinds

Some may argue that it’s never advisable to use expensive fabrics for window treatments, as cheaper options work just as well.

I beg to differ in some instances. Sometimes cheap fabrics can look, well… cheap. They don’t have a good drape ability, they crease easily, and just have no “body”. Also the available designs can sometimes be boring or poor copies of expensive designs; patterns can run skew or fade when exposed to the sun.

When paying more $$$ for a furnishing fabric, you will often get a much higher quality cloth that can withstand more punishment than cheaper counterparts.

If you can stretch your budget, you will also have access to a wider array of patterns and designs that can make a statement on your windows (If indeed this is the idea!!) If there are budget constraints, consider utilising an expensive fabric on a smaller surface area, eg a cushion, pelmet or blind, and introducing it in part onto the larger areas such as curtains. This way, you are still achieving a luxe look and making a decorating impact, without blowing the budget.