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What on earth is a “triple weave”? I hear you ask!

A triple weave is a very technologically advanced fabric that has revolutionised the curtain industry, particularly at the budget end of fabrics. Yes, they are cost effective!!

These fabrics are basically a “dimout” option, where the blockout fibres are inherently woven in. Most linings, historically speaking, have a coating on the back. The number of coatings determine the level of blockout:


A “dimout”” or triple weave falls somewhere between 2 and 3 pass. So it is important to know that most of them are not total blockouts, but can achieve up to 95% blockout in some cases. Darker colours provide more blockout than lighter colours with triple weaves.

One of the major benefits of triple weaves is they don’t perish over time in the sun; remember the old rubber backed linings that started to peel or crack over time? Triple weaves drape beautifully and maintain their softness indefinitely.

Triple weaves are also wonderful in commercial areas or rentals, as they are anti-fungal (mould resistant), washable, and fire retardant. These fabrics are also made with low VOCs, so they are ideal for children’s rooms.

Over the years, manufacturers have developed triple weaves that are textured and patterned; providing a wide variety of decorative options.

Just a little anecdote as proof: we own a small townhouse in Townsville. Every year we had to replace the curtains due to sun damage. Three years ago I changed all the curtains to triple weaves. Apparently the agent tells me they are still in perfect condition!!