Beige sheer Roman blinds, ivory trellis patterned blockout Roman blinds, gold blockout curtains with matching pelmets and tiebacks on a bay window

Bay windows are an architectural feature that can give homeowners (and inexperienced window covering retailers) a lot of grief. However, with the right tools & treatments, they can look truly spectacular! 

Bay windows are defined by angles. They can be right-angled or obtuse (greater than 110 degrees). The number of windows within the bay can vary from 2 to 7 or more. The average is 3.


Recently we received a job where a client wanted S-Fold curtains in a bay window. Two companies told her it was impossible! she googled it and one of our images came up: of course we had already solved this problem!!!

Sheer s-fold curtains on a bay window

Most metal curtain tracks and rods can be bent to accommodate corners, while timber and some metal rods require mitring to create a perfect join. It’s important to note that a curtain cannot move past a mitred corner. It limits your options considerably.

Once the hardware has been selected, you need to determine how the curtain will open and where it will stack. We usually recommend hand-drawn or motorised curtains, as cords have a nasty habit of exposing themselves below the track at the corners. 

Blockout & sheer curtains with pelmets on a bay window with tiebacks

It might look difficult, but pelmets can be a fantastic treatment on bay windows! As with any other window, pelmets life unsightly tracking & assist with light & temperature control. They look exceptionally special on bay windows.


plantation shutters on a bay window

Shutters can look awesome on bay windows but care must be taken in the measuring process to ensure that every panel will fit perfectly. Generally hinged shutters work best in bay windows. We have installed quite a few; all turned out better than our clients had expected! 


Use caution when choosing blinds for a bay window. Yes, they can look wonderful, but if you choose the wrong type of blind for the window configuration, you may have regrets.

Double roman blinds with pelmets and side drapes on a bay window

Roman Blinds are perfect! Just be aware that as they fold on their way up, the folds may gently graze the adjacent blind. A little extra care must be taken when operating Roman blinds in a bay.

double roller blinds on a bay window

Roller blinds are slightly more problematic. Because of the bracketing required for roller blinds, there will always be gaps between them. This may not be an issue for you, but we like our clients to be aware of these gaps.

Timber Venetian blinds in a bay window

Venetian blinds can also be a great option in certain bay window types. They work best if they can be fitted in window reveals.

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