Soft, glamorous & luxurious… velvet is one of those fabrics that represents everything lush. It goes in and out of fashion, but is currently experiencing a huge revival in home décor.

Traditionally, it was made from pure silk, however modern synthetics are able to create spectacularly soft velvets that are far more user-friendly and cost-effective.


There are different ‘grades’ of velvets which are suitable for different things. While some are hardy enough for upholstering a sofa, armchair or bedhead, others are a little more fragile, and only suitable for drapery, cushions and bedspreads (oh please someone let us design a velvet bedspread?!).

s-fold Media Room curtains


It’s quite a useful fabric. It is a fabulous thermal insulator, working to maintain the ambient temperature of a room with reduced impact from the conditions outside. It’s also great for acoustics, absorbing sound and preventing echoes… ever wondered why most theatre curtains are velvet? Now you know!

Velvet bedhead with inset piping
Velvet bedhead with inset piping


Unfortunately, it’s a high-maintenance fabric. It’s certainly not suited to household with pets that tend to shed, or small children. It can also attract a fair amount of dust, and can be quite a challenge to clean.  

Velvet also cannot be made into a Roman blind due to the fabric bonding process.

Triple pinch pleat curtains on a hand painted timber rod

We are huge fans of velvets at MTC! So we have quite a selection of samples in a rainbow of colours at a range of different price points; you can have velvet to suit any budget!

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