Patterned s-fold curtain heading

S-fold curtains (also known as ripple fold, s-wave and wave fold) are relatively new to the market. They are also our most popular curtain heading option. Their simplistic yet sculptural style makes them perfect in contemporary homes.

For an s-fold to successfully hold its shape, they should be made from soft-draping fabrics rather than thick or stiff ones. Sheer fabrics are ideal to maintain the gorgeous ‘S’ shape from heading to hem.

Sheer s-fold curtains with Roman Blind coordinate

There are two main drawbacks of the s-fold

Firstly, they can’t be adjusted onsite like other heading styles, meaning there’s no hiding out-of-square windows. In this instance we like to either advise our clients to choose a different curtain style, or have their curtain ‘puddling’ on the floor.

Secondly, because of their ‘wave’ structure, they take up a lot of space. If you’re short on space, an s-fold curtain may not be right for you. If you’re considering a double track with s-fold curtains, it’s important to know that the curtains will take up at least 20cm of floor space. For this reason, s-folds can be successfully teamed with smaller pleats to take up less floor space.

Double s-fold curtain heading
Double s-fold curtain heading

S-folds can look spectacular in any fabric style, from linen-look to glimmering satin. They can be a beautiful, neutral backdrop allowing you to freely decorate around, but if you want to invest in something really amazing, they look exceptionally special in fabrics with bold patterns.

Sheer & blockout double s-fold curtains
Sheer & blockout double s-fold curtains

S-fold curtains require slightly different hardware & componentry to pleated curtain styles. A track made to suit pleated curtains, can’t necessarily be repurposed to hang s-folds from. This means you probably won’t be able to re-use your old tracking or rods.

We use tracks with clear wave-tape and nylon hooks rather than the original stud-tape and pendant system. It’s not only simpler to install, but makes them easier for clients to remove later for cleaning.

Choosing a pleat is usually simple, but it is important to remember that not all pleat styles suit all windows or fabrics. This is when you need a curtain expert to advise you on what can be successfully achieved. Click here to book your free in-home measure & quote!