Double pinch pleat patterned sheers on black rods

The good old pinch pleat… passed down from previous generations and these days considered a bit old fashioned. However, nothing could be further from the truth! 

If your home is traditional, a pinch pleat is the perfect style for your curtains.

These pleats work beautifully on all types of fabrics, light or heavy, lined or unlined, plain or patterned. Depending on the fabric choices, a pinch pleat can be converted into a more contemporary style by utilising a double, rather than a triple pleat. This change happily reduces the amount of fullness and therefore the amount of fabric required, which in turn equals some savings on fabric cost. 

Pinch pleats sit upright very well and are great on virtually any type of rod or track, as you can control where the hook position sits (as the experts, we know exactly what height to put your hooks and we can adjust them on site if necessary). 

A recent development is the Euro pleat, which is basically a pleat where the “pinch” is at the top rather than the bottom. This style is great for contemporary decors, and also bold patterns, as it allows you to see more of the actual fabric. We are seeing a lot of this pleat around at the moment.  

Yet again, this style can be successfully paired with knife pleat curtains.