Box pleat curtain heading

Ahh…box pleats or inverted pleats…we love them!!

Tailored, neat, sophisticated and suitable in almost any décor. Box pleats can be used successfully on almost any fabric: whether sheer of heavy lined.

The trick with using patterned fabrics on box pleats, is to “pleat to pattern”. This is a technique where the pattern is calculated to appear regularly within the pleats. Not everyone can do this, as it is rather complicated, but looks amazing when done successfully (this technique does cost extra).

Patterned Box Pleat curtains on a metal rod - Killara

Inverted box pleats basically form an inverted pleat at the front of the curtain, with all the extra fabric within the pleat contained behind. It’s a less fussy look than most other pleats, and often a great alternative to s-folds if floor space is a problem or the fabric doesn’t have a very soft handle. In other words, you can use rather stiff fabrics very successfully with box pleats.

One of the advantages of box pleats is that you can control the fullness, that is, you can control the amount of fabric you need. Box pleats can still look good if less fullness is used, thus saving money on extra drops of fabric. As a matter of fact, box pleats definitely DO NOT look better if more fabric is used; extra fullness can make the curtain look clunky and less drapeable. Therefore box pleats can be a budget solution.

Box pleat sheer curtains

Once again, box pleats can be teamed up with knife pleats in a double track situation.