Black & White leaf patterned double pinch pleat sheer curtains on black rods

The pinch pleat is what we traditionally associate with curtains. Some consider it a little old-fashioned, but pinch pleats are experiencing a revival.

If your home is traditional, a pinch pleat is the perfect heading style for your curtains.

Pinch pleats work beautifully on all types of fabrics. Depending on the fabric, they can be converted into a more contemporary style by utilising a double, rather than a triple pleat. This reduces the amount of fullness and therefore the amount of fabric required, meaning less money spent on fabric. That’s always a great result!

Double pinch pleat heading

Pinch pleats sit upright and are great on virtually any type of rod or track, as you can control where the hook position sits. They’re great from an industry perspective because we can adjust them on-site if necessary.  

Euro pleat curtain heading on a metal rod
Euro pleat heading

The Euro pleat is a variation of the pinch pleat, where the ‘pinch’ is at the top edge of the curtain. This style suits large-scale prints & patterns, allowing you to see more of the actual fabric. The Euro pleat is becoming quite popular among our clients as an updated look. It’s perfect for Hamptons style homes.

Choosing a pleat is usually simple, but it is important to remember that not all pleat styles suit all windows or fabrics. This is when you need a curtain expert to advise you on what can be successfully achieved. Click here to book your free in-home measure & quote!