Box pleat heading on a metal rod

After the modern s-fold, the box pleat is a popular choice for curtains in contemporary homes. It’s a tailored pleat, sewn flat to minimise bulk, and looks less ‘frilly’ than some of the other pleat options. It’s an updated look that is tailored and timeless

The inverted box pleat basically forms an inverted pleat at the front of the curtain, with all the extra fabric within the pleat contained behind. It’s a less fussy look than most other pleats, and often a great alternative to s-folds if floor space is a problem or the fabric doesn’t have a very soft handle. In other words, you can use rather stiff fabrics very successfully with box pleats.

Patterned Box Pleat curtains on a metal rod

One of the advantages of the box pleat is that you can control the fullness, that is, you can control the amount of fabric you need. Box pleats can still look good if less fullness is used, thus saving money on extra drops of fabric. As a matter of fact, box pleats definitely DO NOT look better if more fabric is used; extra fullness can make the curtain look clunky and less drapeable. Therefore box pleats can be a budget solution.

Box pleat to pattern

Geometric, damask, cameo and other regular patterns look spectacular when they are pleated ‘to pattern‘. This is a technique where the pattern is calculated to appear regularly within the pleats; perfect for those who love symmetry and regularity. Not all curtains retailers can offer pleating to pattern as it’s difficult to achieve and highly specialised. We think it’s definitely worth the extra cost!

Choosing a pleat is usually simple, but it is important to remember that not all pleat styles suit all windows or fabrics. This is when you need a curtain expert to advise you on what can be successfully achieved. Click here to book your free in-home measure & quote!