Trimming sample books

Passementeries (trims) such as tassels, cord and fringe have been a little forgotten over the past few years. Our sampling has been stowed in a tub in the back of our mobile showroom, rarely seeing the light of day. But things are changing. As Interior Design trends move away from minimalistic Scandinavian styles, and onto more glamourous styles such as Modern Luxe and Modern Classic, there is a far greater need for small details.

What trimmings are available?

The sky is the limit! There are tiebacks, braids, beading, crystals, embroideries, pompoms, buttons, cord, gimp, fringe and so much more available. There are options for both the understated and the bold, and everything in between


Using a trimming on the bottom edge of a pelmet can offer definition and contrast. It’s quite common to add a contrast piping to a pelmet, which can look quite modern and sleek. Some clients have taken this look further with metallic flanged cord, and some with a statement tassel fringe for a truly luxe finish. One rather unique job led us to adding a contrast piping and buttons to a wine coloured pelmet; the piping and buttons were covered in a traditional patterned fabric.

Roman Blinds

Similar to pelmets, Roman blinds have a defined bottom edge: ideal for adding trimmings! There are a huge range of ribbons available to trim the bottom edge or create a frame or border on a Roman blind. Catherine Martin & Mokum have produced a stunning collection of embroidered ribbons for this purpose.


Fringes, ribbons and other trimmings can be incorporated into the curtains themselves. Ribbons can be incorporated into the curtain as a point of contrast, while fringes look great along the inner edge. For an extra special look, try a fold-over heading edged with a statement fringe.


We love using contrast piping to add definition on a bedhead. It takes the look to a new level with a truly customised touch. Similarly, ribbon or upholstery studs can be used to achieve beautiful effects


Cushions are a great place to experiment with different passementeries, as they are a lower-cost item and require minimal amounts of trim. You can be free to play with ribbons, piping, fringing, buttons, tassels, beading; anything you can think of!


Tiebacks are making quite a comeback, and our suppliers have been looking at exciting alternatives to the traditional tassel tieback. But tassels are still relevant and can be a beautiful way to finish the look of a beautiful curtain in a more traditional setting.

More Than Curtains know how to handle beautiful trims & passementeries. Contact us to see how we can add some fine details to your custom window treatments.