You have your gorgeous custom made curtains in place; you have spent a small fortune on them and they look stunning!! But wait… what’s that mark???

If this scenario is familiar to you, or something you lie awake thinking about; then this blog is for you!!!

Usually it is not necessary to engage a dry cleaner to clean spots unless the spot or damage is very big. Water damage is another thing that generally can’t be fixed; probably curtains will need to be replaced.

However, small marks and stains are easily dealt with at home. Before you do anything you must try these techniques in an inconspicuous area of the curtain such as the back of the hem. This is common sense, I know, but you won’t believe how many ignore this step. I can only give generalised information here, but these techniques will not work on all fabric types. The care labels on your curtains do not tell you how to remove small spots and stains.

Greasy Stains

Most of the time when we notice a stain, we cannot identify it. One thing to look for is a slightly greasy outer edge, which indicates an oily composition. First treatment for this type of spot is to dust on some talcum powder and brush gently. Reapply and leave overnight. Brush off in the morning. You should have a considerably paler mark that you can now deal with further.

Grubby Marks

Baby wipes are a fantastic way to remove small stains. I discovered this tip from my daughter who uses baby wipes on her clothes. Blot, don’t wipe!! Another product I highly recommend is LOC from Amway. This stuff is like magic (and no, I am not an Amway rep!!) Simply blot it on with a soft cloth and repeat. You can leave overnight or for a few hours and then blot with a clean cloth rinsed in cold water. You may need to repeat a few times.

Notice how I stress to BLOT rather than WIPE? This is to contain the mark rather than spread it around.

Never never never use bleach on your curtains!!! Any supermarket stain removers need to be tested first as they can be abrasive and detrimental to your fabric.

If all else fails, then call in the professionals. I have a guy I recommend, who can come to your home to ultrasonically clean curtain sand blinds. He also cleans upholstery and carpets: Mario at Best Ever Cleaning: 1300 334 461