Silver blockout & bronze sheer double s-fold curtains

There are many Interior Designers out there, some of them are truly wonderful at their craft!!!! Even though we consider ourselves a creative team, there are many aspects of Design that we are completely lost with and therefore do not offer to our clients. We do not believe in charging money for a service that we cannot confidently excel in.

So, our forte is window coverings and accessories. Again, there are many companies in the marketplace that offer blinds and shutters, a few less offering all types of window coverings. We have been told that in recent years many curtain specialists are falling by the wayside for a numberof reasons: retirement, death and fashion. Over the past decade, there has been a definite trend in Sydney towards a minimalist look for windows, hence an increase in sales for blinds and shutters, and an increase in the numberof companies supplying them. Unfortunately this trend has also seen a decrease in the quality of the products offered in some instances as consumers look for cheaper alternatives.

Striped Roman blinds - Frenchs Forest


As a window covering specialist, we believe our first duty to the client is to suggest the right window treatments for them.

This may well be blinds, but in many instances one or a number of other treatments are more suitable. We are experienced in ascertaining the exact functions of fabrics and linings, what suits a particular shaped window, as well as what enhances the appearance of the home both from the inside and outside views. MTC can incorporate our extensive knowledge of colour to assist in the selection of exactly the right fabrics, which many sales reps from blind companies are not trained to do.

Furthermore, we can coordinate the whole look with your current furnishings, but can even provide bedcoverings, bedheads, cushions, tablecloths, lampshades and tassels and trims. These products are all at my fingertips when we come to the clients home in our fully stocked mobile showroom!!!

You get a completely unbiased opinion, as we don’t push a particular product for our own gain; we constantly have the clients needs in mind. Don’t you think it makes sense to invite an experienced, all-rounder in window coverings to your home rather than a sales rep from a blind company that is more interested in selling a particular product that possibly doesn’t suit your needs? Think about it.