We have written numerous articles and blog posts about shutters but there is still a great deal of confusion and misinformation in the marketplace. Some of course comes from unscrupulous retailers who are trying to get a sale and will literally force a square peg into a round hole!!

  1. Shutters do not suit every window. Colonial windows with lots of horizontal and vertical lines, generally look awful with shutters. We prefer unobtrusive panes of glass that are at least 800mm high. Width does not really matter.
  2. Shutters are not a blockout product. We don’t care what size blade or what material the shutter is made from: It will never ever 100% blockout the light…not even the ones that are supposedly designed to do so! They are made up of moveable parts that allow gaps of light through.
  3. The thickness or width of the shutter blades has no bearing on thermal quality, noise or light control.
  4. Made in China does not necessarily mean a crap shutter. Some factories in China are foreign run and adhere to strict quality control guidelines to suit the countries they export to. Do your research.
  5. Polyresin shutters are not necessarily superior to timber shutters. The materials you select should be based on your requirements: thermal mass, durability, moisture proof if required, colour availability, shapes.
  6. Timber shutters are generally preferred by installers because they can be altered onsite if necessary to accommodate out of square windows.
  7. Gooseneck taps are the natural enemy of a kitchen shutter. If you have such a tap or you are considering installing one, it may affect the ability of the shutter to open.
  8. A lifetime warranty means nothing. Get a finite warranty that outlines what is covered in plain English.