PVC Plantation shutters

Since contestants on the first episode of The Block years ago installed plantation shutters, sales of the product have gone ballistic! More than Curtains actually didn’t sell shutters until 2006, and there’s a very good reason for that.

We decided that if we were going to introduce a significant new product to our range, we were prepared to spend some time investigating the quality, nature and suppliers of shutters. New dealers were popping up everywhere, and we believe that many only had a superficial knowledge of what they were actually selling, which unfortunately is still the case today.

Originally most shutters were manufactured in Australia, but due to their increased popularity and price competition, a great percentage is now sourced from China. This has also meant a decline in the quality of the product, but not in all cases, which is another reason why we did extensive research.

Plantation Shutters on a triangle window - Camden

Shutters are an expensive window covering, and as such, we believe the client needs to be aware of the options available in terms of timbers, construction methods, appearance and longevity. Some companies will only promote one or two types of timber (usually Basswood) and generally these are in the ‘cheaper’ price bracket. We understand that many clients are price sensitive, but they need to be aware of what they are actually getting for their money. Many of the cheaper end companies are selling a product that has 2mm membrane of Basswood on the outside, then filled with MDF!! Of course, the client cant see this, but when the shutters need to perform, eg facing the sun, that’s when they buckle or warp!

Throughout our years of research we encountered some astounding anomalies in the information pitched to clients by ‘salespeople’ selling shutters. The quality of the product, both the materials and the construction, varies greatly. In reality, there are very few companies selling shutters that had experience, knowledge and some sort of longevity in the industry.

Aluminium shutters - Box Hill

We eventually came across a wholesaler that manufactured locally and had started as a family business in the early 80’s. They sold only to Designers and Architects, which to us ensured a quality product. They provide intensive training, together with an awesome technical department, detailed written information and an expert installation team. Shutters can be used of course on standard windows, internal or external, in wet areas too. But did you know that More Than Curtains can do shutters for unusual shapes such as arches, round or triangular windows. There are standard colours and stains, plus you can have the option to custom colour to match your decor.