Grey box pleat sheer curtains on corner window

Sheer curtains have made a huge resurgence as a practical yet decorative window treatment, and have been been given new life with contemporary styles. They’ve become our most requested item.

For many years, roller blinds were the most popular window treatment. They are simple, functional and suited to the minimalistic design styles that dominated the industry. But with design movements such as Hygge taking over, clients are now asking for a softer look with a more decorative approach.


Sheers are gaining popularity for a number of reasons.

Firstly, sheer curtains add a decorative element to the decor. They’re lightweight, diaphanous, romantic, and can be plain, textured, metallic or patterned. There is no limit to the colours available, nor the designs upon them.

Secondly, sheer curtains are ideal in homes with magnificent views, direct sunlight, and privacy issues. They offer daytime privacy and light filtration, but still allow you to harness the natural light and see through to the outside, without passers-by seeing in.

Ombre s-fold sheer curtains
Ombre s-fold sheer curtains


Of course, sheers have always married well with heavy drapes. They can easily complement the design within the main fabric, or contrast significantly. They can be contemporary or traditional and be adapted to any décor.

However, if you love the practicality offered by blockout blinds, a sheer curtain can make them even better! The blinds do all the hard work keeping out heat and light, whilst the sheer curtains provide daytime privacy and gently filter the light.

Another recent trend is to use a coloured lining behind the sheer (usually on a separate track). We’ve written an entire blog post about this concept here.

I always picture in my mind a gorgeous sheer billowing in the breeze; reminiscent of exotic tropical holidays and bewitching feminism. This conjurs up images from old Hollywood movies and balmy romantic evenings!!!

seamist blue sheer s-fold curtains over shutters- Bella Vista

Sheer curtains are successful in tandem with other window coverings, but also work favourably on their own. Select a heavily patterned or embroidered sheer to make a statement. Choose a bold colour to stand out.

Black & white leaf patterned double pinch pleat sheer curtains on black rods - Berowra

Sheers can be made from natural or man-made fibres. With numerous advancements in technology, many synthetics now look almost identical to their natural counterparts, but are more stable and cost effective. Our biggest selling sheer range is 100% polyester, looks like linen, and sells for $30 metre! Click here to read more about linen-look fabrics.

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