Let’s assume you have just purchased your fabulous curtains from MTC. The trick now is to prolong the life of these curtains for as long as possible. This is quite simple. The most likely part of a curtain job to deteriorate over time is probably the hardware (tracking system). Regardless of whether you have used aluminium tracks, metal or timber rods or even motorised tracks, the maintenance routine should be the same.

You will need to purchase a spray can of silicone from a hardware store which costs about $10. Make sure it has a narrow straw attached. DO NOT USE WD40 as it is petrol based and will stain your curtains!!!

For the first 12 months there really is no need to do anything. During the second year, pick a time that you will be doing general spring cleaning around the house and include your curtain hardware. There is no need to remove your curtains.

Open the curtains as far as possible. Attach the straw to the nozzle of the silicone and insert it into the groove of the track where the runners project from. With a continual spray, run this straw along the track as far as it will go. Then open and close the curtains a few times to move the silicon around; DONE!!! This product also works brilliantly on the chain mechanism of blinds, in a vertical blind track, or over a rod where there are rings gliding across.