Charcoal s-fold sheer curtain

Yes it’s true… curtains are most definitely back in fashion!

I picked up the Homes liftout in today’s Herald and was delighted to see that curtains were mentioned as being beneficial in warming the home as well as reducing energy costs. Although this is not news to me, and anyone else following my blog or Twitter, it is certainly long overdue!! There was even a lovely selection of pictures!!! Way to go!!!

So, now we have official confirmation in the media that curtains, particularly if made and installed correctly, go a long long way to reducing the heating bill in your home. Our Parents and Grandparents did do some things right!!! I’m hoping that now more and more people will get on the bandwagon and start exploring what’s available in terms of window coverings other than boring roller blinds or shutters. Minimalism is OUT, as it has been in Europe for 3 seasons now!!

Charcoal & white ombre s-fold curtains - Rosebery

Never before have we had in Australia such vast arrays of affordable fabrics and styles with which to furnish our homes!

Most budgets can be catered for (particularly if you factor in that here will be no ongoing costs). Fabrics can be sourced from all over the world as we are now in a global economy. Technology has taken great strides in manufacturing of textiles and even the manufacture of different window coverings. The biggest hurdle you will face is what to choose.

grey sheer s-fold curtains with Roman Blind coordinate - North Manly

That’s where More Than Curtains enter the picture. MTC have a mobile showroom jam packed with thousands of samples for window coverings. We come to yourhome and advise on the best solutions for yourwindows, taking into consideration your likes and dislikes. Our aim is to take the confusion out of the decision process with our expertise of over 21 years in the industry.

There’s no better time than the present to make an appointment… I predict that everyone is going to be getting curtains soon because the media has told us so!