Almost every client of ours asks us how to clean curtains & blinds. Not all window treatments can be laundered, so we’ve put together a few tips for spot cleaning and caring for your fabrics. The products mentioned in this post are our favourites to use and have not been sponsored in any way.


Some curtains can be gently laundered if handled correctly. Remove all hooks from your curtains (but be sure to note where they went) and place the curtain in a pillowcase. Wash in cold water on the most gentle cycle possible, adding a small amount of wool wash and white vinegar to kill bacteria. Hang the curtains back on their tracks while damp and let the creases drop out naturally over the next few days. We recommend doing this in the middle of summer so the humidity and heat can aid the process. This method should only be used on polyester fabrics; natural fibres such as cotton & linen can shrink in the wash.


A useful tool for cleaning surface marks is a soft pencil eraser (We love Staedtler Mars Plastic). You simply need to erase the marks. Just make sure the eraser is clean before touching it to fabric or you’ll make the problem worse.


Ask anyone who’s worked in the rag trade, they’ll tell you how amazing baby wipes are for removing small stains. Simply blot away marks to get your fabrics fresh and clean. Woolworths’ Little Ones fragrance-free wipes are fantastic!


The pencil eraser and baby wipes haven’t worked, but dishwashing liquid will! Yes, dishwashing liquid! It’s formulated to break down stains in a different way to laundry liquid, and you’d be surprised just how powerful (yet gentle) it is. Use a tiny drop no bigger than a grain of rice, and work it in with a dabbing motion. Add a couple of drops of distilled water and continue dabbing until foamy; you’ll notice the stain starting to lift. Dab away the moisture with a baby wipe or soft (clean) cloth. Always preform a patch test first on an unseen part of your window treatment. Do not proceed if damage or other marks appear during the patch test.


If these tricks of the trade don’t yield results, then we recommend consulting a professional cleaner. Look for someone who can clean your window coverings while still hanging. An ultrasonic process is ideal as it won’t shrink your curtains & is safe for your family & pets. Some dry cleaners will shrink your curtains, so be very careful and trust recommendations from family & friends.

You can read advice on maintaining the hardware of your curtains, blinds & shutters here.