Beige trellis pattern blockout curtains with ivory sheer curtains

Built-in recesses for your blinds and curtains are great in theory. But if you get the dimensions wrong, the results can be devastating! Some builders, architects and homeowners miss details that mean they can’t have the window coverings they really want. If you take the right steps, recessed curtain tracking can look amazing!

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to forget they will need window coverings of some sort in their home. It results in the necessary construction details being overlooked in the process, followed by a mad scramble when they finally realise they need something on their windows. And worse still, builders and architects have very little knowledge on the requirements and measurements necessary for window covering installation.

roller blind brackets
roller blind brackets

When you’re designing your home, it’s important to have a fair idea of what window coverings you will be needing. You don’t have to select fabrics or colours, but you definitely need to consider if you want blinds, curtains or a combination of both.

WHY? Different window treatments take up different amounts of space. We see it all too often; a client wants roller blinds and curtains installed into a recess, but only has room for one or the other.

Pinch pleat blockout curtains

So here’s a general guide for you:

  • 100mm will house single blinds or a single curtain track for most pleats, and perhaps an s-fold curtain at 80% fullness
  • 110-120mm is needed for a full s-fold curtain or a single motorised track
  • 180-200mm is required for double blinds and double curtains (again not full s-fold curtains) OR a blind and a single curtain
  • 210-220mm is required for double s-fold curtains and motorised double tracks

Corner window cavities present another issue. Many new homes have 90-degree corner windows to maximise natural light and view. We can bend curtain tracks to fit a 90-degree corner without issue, but because curtain tracks are bent in curves, not angles, they need a bit of extra space at corners.

Of course, you can bypass the recesses entirely and have custom made pelmets to hide your tracking and blind rolls.

Painted pelmet with sheer & blockout curtains - Kellyville
Painted pelmet with sheer & blockout curtains

By having this basic knowledge BEFORE the builder starts his work, you will save yourself a lot of grief when it comes to the window coverings. DO NOT be guided by the builder or the architect unless they have a direct working relationship with professionals like MTC. ALWAYS seek the advice of a professional window covering supplier to ensure your money is well-spent.

If you need assistance with dimensions for your recessed curtain tracking, click here get in touch with MTC!