Patterned Euro pleat curtains on painted timber rod

While a neutral decor is a popular choice for Aussie homes, sometimes you just can’t go past a pop of vibrant colour. Here’s our top tips for choosing the right coloured curtains for your home.


Think about a pair of blue jeans; they seem to go with any colour top, right? That’s because navy blue is actually a neutral colour! This is great news for lovers of colour, because it means you can’t go wrong with a splash of navy. A predominantly white, grey or beige room can be lifted with gorgeous navy curtains. You can change your decorative accessories as often as you like, knowing they will always coordinate with your curtains.

Navy blue box pleat sheer curtains on bronze rods
Teal pinch pleat blockout curtains


Layering different tones of the same colour is an easy way to keep your decor consistent without being overwhelming. Pictured below is a client’s living room where we took colour inspiration from the existing wallpaper… notice the green undertone? The deep hunter green curtains & pelmet made for a bold statement that kept with the heritage style of the home.

Dark green silk curtains and pelmets with white sheers
Dark green silk curtains and pelmets with white sheers


Sometimes it’s all about making a statement. Bold colours create a striking focal point within a room, and create a lot of drama. We can usually get a vibe from our clients if they are willing to be a little adventurous with colour, and it always pays off when they take the plunge. The red curtain below was requested by a young couple who wanted something regal and vibrant for their main bedroom, and it certainly delivered! The teal curtains were designed to match our elderly client’s sofa (and favourite colour).

Red blockout s-fold curtains with white sheer
Teal blockout curtains with matching pelmet & tiebacks


Textile colours for the home have changed over the centuries. This means there’s specific colours required to create authentic-looking heritage interiors. Dulux has a comprehensive collection of heritage colours, which are a great reference for choosing curtain colours. You’ll mostly find earthy shades of reds, yellows, greens, blues and browns.

Blue & beige blockout curtains with tiebacks on brass rod with rings

Pictured above: Curtains for Hartley House Retreats designed in collaboration with I For Style

Pictured above: Curtains for Hartley House Retreats designed in collaboration with I For Style


Patterned fabrics featuring multiple colours should be the shining star of your home décor. Because patterns are making a huge resurgence, there are options to suit most tastes from contemporary to colonial, minimal to luxe, and everything in between!

Palm leaf patterned curtains with pelmet coordinate
Palm leaf patterned curtains with pelmet coordinate
Batik floral box pleat curtains on black rods in a bay window


Don’t choose curtain colours based on trends. Fashions come and go incredibly quickly, so you should always choose colour based on what you and your family really love. This will ensure you don’t look at your curtains in two years and think ‘why did I do that?’ Instead, you’ll keep loving them for many many years.

If coloured curtains aren’t your preference, you can read our post about white curtains or our post on black curtains.

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