I read an article in the Homes liftout section of Saturday’s paper regarding homes and their energy ratings. Mention was made about wall and ceiling insulation, cross ventilation, solar panels and water tanks. BUT NO MENTION of window coverings and their benefits!!!! Did you know that without curtain coverings you will face up to 40% heat loss and up to 50% heat gain??? Curtains provide a barrier to heat flow into and out of your windows. Well insulated window treatments are warmer in winter and up to 7% cooler in summer and can save as much as $300 per year in energy costs!!!

Look at the following stats for heat loss:

  • 100% – Unprotected glazing
  • 100% – Vertical or venetian blinds
  • 92% – Unlined drapes, roller blinds, no pelmets
  • 87% – Heavy lined drapes, no pelmets
  • 63% – Heavy lined drapes, pelmets
  • 47% – Double glazing, heavy drapes, pelmets

Local and State governments are now recognising the benefits of curtains in the home and are recommending the installation of curtains in new homes in order to acquire the correct “energy rating”. However, the media needs to catch up with these suggestions and publicise the findings.

You can rely on the staff at More Than Curtains to fully advise you on the best window treatments to insulate your home and reduce your energy costs. After all, we all want a greener future in these times of high energy use and cost.