The Dulux 2021 colour forecast has been released, and we are loving the selections! We’ve noticed all three palettes (Retreat, Nourish & Reset) are relatively muted rather than boldly vibrant. There’s also a definite trend towards colours of native Australian flora, with plenty of earthen clay, ochre and stone colours, through to lush eucalyptus greens. 

We were inspired to go back through our image archives, and found quite a few of our installs that incorporate the three colour palettes. Read on for the colour schemes along with images of how our clients have created beautiful rooms using the Dulux 2021 colour forecast. Perhaps we were ahead of our time?


“With a homely aesthetic, Retreat draws on a nostalgic mix of comfort and security. From sleeping to eating, and working to working out – most homes are becoming the interior hub for many busy, action-packed days. What was once a place for rest and relaxation now embodies a living environment of family, work and play.”

Retreat has a very calming feel. The muted hues are not imposing and don’t demand attention, but work together to create a harmonious environment. In fact, it makes us want to visit the beach!


“We spend most of our lives in a digitally saturated environment. Nourish encourages us to unplug and be present in the moment. Indulge in a nurturing palette that revitalises your home and nourishes the soul.”

You’ll find these colours in the bark of a Eucalyptus tree! This palette speaks to us from the great outdoors; a place where Australians love to be! Nourish brings native Australia into the home. 


“With uplifting colours and a bold sense of renewal we welcome the new normal with open arms. It’s time to renew ourselves, by embracing unified colours and retro influences.”

There’s definitely some Mid-Century Modern vibes coming from this palette! But note the slightly greyed shades? These aren’t the vibrant colour pops of the 1950s-1960s, but a contemporary interpretation. Reset reminds us of flowering gums, bottle brushes, proteas and waratahs.

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