Dual roller blinds

Dual roller blinds are a popular window treatment. They typically pair a screen blind & blockout blind to achieve different levels of privacy, light control & thermal protection as needed throughout the day.

Double roller blinds on a bay window
Double roller blinds on a bay window

There are literally thousands of fabric combinations possible with dual roller blinds, with hundreds of colours, textures, patterns, and thicknesses to choose from. They are best suited to a modern, minimalistic decor style, where functionality is paramount.

A screen or light filtering blind is installed in the rear (closest to the glass) to filter the light and offer daytime privacy. Screen blinds allow you to maintain your view to the outside, but no one can see in during the day; but be aware this polarity reverses at night! A blockout blind is then mounted in front to offer nighttime privacy, insulation and light control. The front blind should be rolled forward to create a ‘pelmet’ over the two blind rolls.

Double Roller Blinds
Double Roller Blinds


There are two main drawbacks to dual roller blinds, that can make them unsuitable in some circumstances.

Due to the nature of the brackets, double rollers require a substantial window reveal in which to mount them. They can be installed on the architrave or wall outside of the window reveal, but this can lead to large light gaps at the side. The brackets are also rather unattractive and extremely visible if not concealed within a reveal.

Gaps of light are inevitable with most roller blinds, and can cause issues in bedrooms and theatre rooms where a greater light seal is needed. You may want to consider alternatives in these rooms.

Also, by choosing double roller blinds, you’re paying for two blinds per window, meaning double the cost of supply!

Double roller blinds- Baulkham Hills
Double Roller blinds

According to Australian law, child safety devices must be installed on all chain-controlled roller blinds in a residential setting.

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