White aluminium shutters

When redesigning or building a bathroom, consider your window covering options in the planning stages, as this can greatly affect the final look, feel & function of the room.

Swag base Roman blind in bathroom
Swag base Roman blind

Once upon a time, bathrooms required ‘pretty’ window treatments. Frilly Austrian blinds, swag ‘scarfing’, scalloped Holland blinds and delicate lace curtains were very popular choices in homes new and old. These trends are long gone! Fast forward to recent times and almost anything goes for bathroom window treatments; it just depends on the decor, the client, and the budget. Bathrooms can range from the humble powder room right up to luxe spa-like chambers, brimming with luxury features.

Aluminium shutters in bathroom
Aluminium shutters


PVC or aluminium shutters are impervious to steam and moisture, therefore tough in the unforgiving humidity of a bathroom. They look great on all shaped windows and give maximum privacy. If you have a window located inside a shower cubicle, then shutters are ideal. They are also wonderful for little children that love to splash in the bath. Of course, don’t purchase MDF or timber shutters, as moisture can cause these to swell.

Roller blind in bathroom


Roller blinds are perfect in bathrooms, but be careful to use fabrics that are moisture resistant. Sheer rollers or sunscreens are not recommended as they can trap moisture and become saturated; you need fabric that water can easily run off and is mould resistant. Blinds will give you the necessary privacy, with a minimalistic look. They are the most cost-effective solution and can be cleaned relatively easily.

Bathroom Roman Blind
Bathroom Roman Blind


A recent trend in more luxurious bathrooms is floor to ceiling sheer curtains or statement Roman blinds. These look sumptuous and are reminiscent of five star spas. Do not be tempted by cotton or linen fabrics as they retain too much moisture & can become a breeding ground for mould. Instead, synthetics are best in bathroom conditions, which is good news as they are often cheaper than their natural counterparts. Keep in mind that the hardware is susceptible to tarnishing, so use high quality aluminium fittings with few movable parts.

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