Double-storey s-fold silver sheer curtains on a curved window

Collaboration means to work in partnership.

At MTC we have always placed great emphasis on collaborative relationships; in fact, it is one of the greatest sources of leads we have. By forming close ties with leading Interior Designers, we are able to provide an exclusive service to the clients of these designers in obtaining beautiful window coverings. The designers themselves choose how much input they have; whether they select the fabrics themselves and instruct MTC as to which window treatments they prefer, or simply leave everything up to us!

MTC interpret the brief quickly and skilfully. We know that our Designers rely on us to continue their good standing with the client and it is in our best interests to keep the designer happy also (we of course want repeat referrals!) From another perspective, our collaborative relationships with designers have afforded us entry in to some of Sydney’s most beautiful homes, and has also challenged us at times to produce window coverings that are unusual or problem solving. We love a good challenge!!!

Collaboration allows each person to pursue the path where they have the most skill and knowledge, whilst enhancing the offering of the other.

Where Designers did not previously offer a full range of window coverings to their clients before, maybe because of lack of experience or resources, through an MTC collaboration, they can offer a whole section of Interior Design to their clients without extra studying or expenditure.

Collaboration has been the key to MTC’s success in recent years. If you are in business, who can you collaborate with?