Girl's blue box pleat curtains on white rods

What are the best curtains for kids? There are a lot of fabulous, kid-friendly fabrics for curtains and blinds. But every child is different with individual tastes, so choosing the right window treatment can be challenging.

aqua pelmets and drapes with contrast piping & tiebacks - curtains for kids
aqua pelmets and drapes with contrast piping & tiebacks


Children’s tastes change quickly. This week, your little girl might love pink, but by next week is saying ‘pink is for babies’. What happens when you’ve outlaid a lot of money for pretty pink curtains? Not everyone has the budget to change their children’s curtains frequently. We recommend looking ahead a few years before committing to a specific style for your children. In our experience, shades of blue tend to grow with children and can be styled well into their teenage years.

Grey s-fold curtains nursery  - curtains for kids
Grey s-fold curtains in a nursery


Some children need complete darkness to sleep, while others could sleep soundly through the brightest daylight. Perhaps their bedroom faces a noisy main road. It’s important to consider how your children sleep when choosing window treatments. If light or sound control aren’t issues, a plantation shutter, Venetian blind or roller blind might be suitable solutions. Alternatively, blockout curtains or Roman blinds give far better protection against light & sound for light sleepers.

Plantation shutters
Plantation shutters


Does your child take gentle care of their possessions or do they have a rough hand? Their care may determine the type of window treatment that is suitable for their room. For example, for kids who tend to be a little rough, avoid delicate fabric treatments like curtains. In this case, hardy plantation shutters, or blinds in sturdy fabrics.

Girl's roman blind
Girl’s roman blind


When we design curtains for kids, we love to get their input. We educate them on the special investment and show them how to use and care for them. Getting your kids involved with the process makes the experience a little more special.

Pink box pleat sheer curtain - curtains for kids
Pink box pleat sheer curtain


If you can’t have fun decorating a child’s room, then when can you?

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