What are the hardware options for hanging our curtains??

Selections are based on price, colour, style and functionality. If you have shaped or bay windows, your hardware options may be limited.

At the economic end are standard aluminium extrusion tracks which can be fitted to walls or ceilings, bent at varying angles, come in single or double fittings, and are available in a small range of powder coated colours (usually white, cream, silver, gold and black). They can be hand, cord drawn or motorised. They can also be hidden into pelmets or drop down ceilings. These tracks may also accommodate S-Fold tapes.

Next up the scale are small metal rods, from 16mm to 38mm in diameter. Some of these rods can be factory bent and also accommodate SFold tapes. Rods are a bit more prominent and therefore decorative, and offer a wide selection of finials (ends) that can enhance the décor. Finials can be metal or glass, depending on the supplier. The curtains are attached to either hidden runners or rings/glides and can be hand or cord drawn.

For the more opulent décor, one can select timber or metal rods of wider diameter, such as 35mm, 51mm or 60mm. These rods can be mitred for corners, but not suitable for curved walls. Almost any stained or painted finish can be achieved, including faux finishes. Some suppliers can even match the fabric colours!!! When selecting these huge rods, one has to consider the space available for the installation of the brackets and the space for the obviously big finials that will be provided. Of course the finial selection is huge and can often incorporate crystals, carving, beading and other fancy details. Some of the higher end rods come with coordinating hold backs.

Remember, there are literally hundreds of options for curtain hardware, but not every option will be suitable for your window and indeed your budget.