Silver blockout & bronze sheer double s-fold curtains

In these times of restricted travel, the ‘Luxe Hotel’ look is an incredibly appealing option for the home. This means home can feel like a luxurious holiday every day! But how do you create the hotel look at home? It’s quite easy if you follow a few simple rules.


Most high-end hotels with have at least two layers of curtain: a blockout layer for light control and a sheer for daytime privacy. Traditionally, the sheer sits closer to the glass with the blockout curtain being the more decorative fabric in front. However, this look is often simplified with the sheer curtain acting as the decorative curtain with a plain blockout lining curtain behind for light control. Both arrangements work perfectly to achieve a hotel look bedroom.

Pictured above: Curtains for a home designed in collaboration with Casafabrica


We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, the bed is the main decorative feature of most hotel rooms. While the curtains should look fabulous, they should support the overall décor of the room without pulling focus. This can be achieved by choosing simple fabrics without heavy designs or patterns, in neutral colours suited to the scheme of the space. Of course, there are some boutique hotels who favour the bold, and we adore the look. However, when our clients have asked for the hotel look in their home, they’ve preferred a conservative approach.

Grey sheer s-fold curtains with seperate blockout lining on a corner window


Hotels mostly include hardy fabrics with body and a soft drape. They typically feature a gentle shimmer, texture or weave, depending on the overall design style of the establishment. You don’t necessarily need to invest in high-end fabrics to achieve a high-end look if you choose wisely. There are plenty of budget-friendly polyester options that mimic the look of silk and linen without the hefty price tag; they’re also far easier to clean and maintain.

S-fold aqua curtains with white sheer


There’s no ideal pleat or heading style for hotel luxe curtains. Yet, the s-fold is favoured for its modern look and ease of use. S-fold curtains can be created to suit most contemporary design styles. If you aren’t a fan of s-folds, we’d also recommend an inverted box pleat for its timeless elegance.

Silver s-fold sheer curtains

Pictured above: Curtains for a home designed in collaboration with Designing Inside Out

Ivory box pleat curtains with brown contrast band & navy blue hem & ivory sheer


If you need every last bit of light eliminated it sleep comfortably, consider adding a pelmet or valance. A pelmet or valance can conceal unsightly tracking from view, with the added benefits of complete light control and added insulation. Pelmets are not necessary for design but can be a preference in many homes.

Beige blockout curtains with matching pelmets & white sheers on a bay window

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