Painted hardwood plantation shutters

Shutters can be a very pricey investment and of course you will want to make them last for many many years. Whilst shutters are relatively simple to maintain, there are a few tips and tricks for keeping them pristine.

A damp cloth or baby wipes will generally remove any accumulated dust or grubby marks on shutters, regardless of whether they are timber, aluminium or PVC. Never use abrasive cloths or solvents as these will damage the paint finish.

A light wipe of methylated spirits is also beneficial and assists with the dust resistance on the shutter surface.

Plantation Shutters - Box Hill

Over time and with lots of daily use, your shutter blades may become loose. This is particularly true of clearview shutters where you open the blades by hand instead of an attached dowel. You may find that the blades you handle often are the most affected. The tension can easily be rectified with a Philips head screwdriver. Open your panel and on the side you will find a round hole with a phillips screw inside. By simply turning this clockwise with a screwdriver (GENTLY!!!) you will be able to change the tension. Be careful not to over-tension as this may void your warranty.

Hinges should be sprayed annually with silicone spray, NOT WD40!!! Silicone dries clear and will not mark your shutters. Silicon is also handy for sliding shutters, to spray in the groove of the sliding channels.

By carefully maintaining your gorgeous shutters, you will ensure their extended life.