Many people suggest that our lives in MTC are glamorous. Sure, we attend exclusive events, meet some high-profile people, decorate some stunning homes, and get to travel fairly regularly. However, behind the scenes there’s a great deal of hard work involved with every job; big or small.

Here’s what really happens behind the scenes at MTC…

  • We often measure and quote on the spot. Simple enough with blinds and shutters; not so much with curtains. Lucia has a methodical and mathematical brain, which gives her the necessary skill to achieve this.
  • When the quote has been accepted and the deposit paid, products need to be ordered: fabrics, lining, tracks and other items.
  • Worksheets are completed for each workroom. These are extremely detailed and time consuming. We keep all copies on file.
  • Once we know lead times, we can book in the installation. This must also agree with the fitter’s schedule as they are subcontractors. Each fitter is provided with a weekly run sheet we have devised.
  • An inventory of all incoming items and where they are coming from is kept online. As each component arrives it is marked in red. When everything is ready, the job is marked in yellow.
  • Every fabric is personally checked by us when it arrives in the workroom. We also indicate the face side and which way is up (this is not always obvious).
  • If a fabric has to be cut so some goes to another workroom, we arrange this ourselves and personally deliver if in Sydney.
  • Our roman blinds are manufactured in Melbourne. In this case we send photos of the fabrics so the management can check.
  • Items such as blinds and tracks are delivered to our home. We unpack the items and check for length, colour and correct hardware against duplicate worksheet. If something is missing or incorrect we will know about it well before installation.
  • We personally pick up the finished curtains and check them against the duplicate worksheet.
  • We pack the van with the items ready for installation. Keep in mind some items can be extremely heavy. Long items go on the roof racks: we do this ourselves! Team MTC are tough!!! Sometimes items such as bedheads cannot fit in or on the van: these get delivered direct to the client by the manufacturer.
  • Every installation appointment is confirmed during the week leading up to the date. We don’t like changes, but we try to accommodate when we can, as we know life happens.
  • Wherever possible we attend the installation to ensure client satisfaction. It also alleviates a lot of the pressure for our installers and we can pick up after them (which they love!)
  • We keep client files for 10 years. A typical file will contain the quote, copies of worksheets, warranty information (shutters), disclaimers (child safety) and any other information we deem relevant.