Taupe satin bedhead with black inset piping

A quality bedhead can finish the look of a bedroom, and they’ve never gone out of fashion. But as home décor trends evolve, so too does the style of the bedhead.

In the 1980s, you’d be coordinating your bedhead, bedspread, curtains, and everything else in the room to create an overpowering décor. Bedheads were oversized with padded rolled edges, insert piping & frills. They’d usually be in bold florals, checks or stripes. Colours such as pink, burgundy, navy, powder blue, yellow, cream and various shades of green, were all popular.

Country and shabby chic design styles increased in popularity in th 1990s. This change saw bedhead options subdued somewhat, with smaller cottage prints becoming popular. Elaborate shapes still dominated, but the padded rolls disappeared in favour of simple piping.

Bedheads underwent a dramatic change in the 2000s. Minimalism became popular, and elaborate shapes and patterns lost popularity. The new look was pared-back with plain fabrics and simple shapes. They were mostly square, sometimes including piping to add definition. due to the simpler designs, bedheads became more lightweight, and therefore easily wall-mounted for more permanence.

bedhead with inset piping & buttoned cushions

Now, bedheads have reverted back to more elaborate shapes. Therefore the combinations are endless and personalised to the individual.

Shaped linen bedhead with emerald green inset piping - Box Hill

Some popular options include:

  • Diamond tufting or button detailing
  • Upholstery studs
  • Piping to the edges and inset
  • Textural linen-look fabrics
  • Large-scale patterns
  • Velvet
  • Oversized constriction
  • Returns or ‘wings’
  • Bold colours
  • Elaborate cutouts & shapes

The options are limitless because they are fully customised. You can choose any fabric, shape, size and trim your heart desires!

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