From our trip to R&T Stuttgart, we can tell you with absolute certainty: yes… Venetian blinds are absolutely making a comeback! Due to the increase in popularity of shutters, Venetian blind sales have dwindled in recent years. But they’re about to become big news!


Shutters are still a hugely popular lifestyle product in the Australian market. They have a lot of benefits including ventilation, light control, privacy, long warranties and easy maintenance. But for many, shutters are prohibitively expensive. Venetian blinds with a wider blade offer a similar look to shutters, without the price tag. They also have the same benefits of ventilation, privacy and light control… but are a bit more fiddly to clean.

Venetian blinds hallway - North Kellyville


At R&T we noticed a huge range of colours in Venetian blinds! In Australia, we’ve largely been limited to a handful of standard timber stains and paint colours. We saw Venetian blinds in every colour imaginable… including red!

If you hate the little pinholes of light caused by the strings of a Venetian blind, you’ll love the ladder tape that completely removes this from the equation! We are in the process of sourcing a supplier that offers this option.

Think a paint or timber finish is boring? What about alligator? Yes… that was one type of Venetian blind we saw on display!!!

Timber Venetian blinds in a bay window

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