Painted hardwood plantation Shutters on a triangle window

As much as I adore Architects and their designs, I do occasionally find myself face to face with a challenging window. This week I had two such windows: one in a hundred year old mansion in Mosman, the other in a brand new apartment in St Peters. Fortunately I was able to find a solution to each problem, but the options were extremely limited.

So, here’s a tip: if you are designing a new home, PLEASE give careful consideration to the window shapes and how you might wish to cover them!!!

Silverscreen roller blinds

Here in Australia we are a bit behind the eight ball in termsof options, so your window covering choices may be limited. However, More Than Curtains has never yet encountered a window that they couldn’t cover!! So take heart!!! And architects: have a heart!!

two storey s-fold sheer curtains on a curved window - Bella Vista

In addition, many new homes have bay windows which are great for capturing views and extra light, and giving more space to a room. At More Than Curtains we can offer quite a few solutions to successfully treat such windows while still maintaining a view, the light or simply enhancing the decor of the room.