Elise and I had the privilege of attending the BMAA (Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia) Super Expo on the Gold Coast last week. This expo only occurs once every three years, and showcases the latest and greatest in blinds and shutters. As this show is strictly for the trade, it is a wonderful opportunity for retailers big and small to meet wholesalers and industry innovators face to face. What a show!!

Although relatively small compared to many other design shows we have attended, Elise and I were delighted by the huge range of products and the wonderful displays. Everything from motorisation and brackets to trendy fabrics for soft furnishings were showcased. The consensus seems to be all about technology, which means Elise and I have a lot to learn!!! Blinds are getting stronger, wider and much more technologically advanced.

We were also surprised to learn that a few of our favourite fabric houses were in attendance. Basford Brands, with their iconic and highly successful Four Families blind ranges, were also highlighting upcoming fabric releases from Maurice Kain and Sekers. More Than Curtains will be receiving the new sampling over the next few months, and we are really excited about the overall gorgeousness and value for money. Gummerson, Hoad, JW & Louvolite also look set to stun us with their fabulous new releases.

One very important trend we noticed was the unashamed promotion of Australian product. In an industry that is being bombarded with cheap inferior imports, it is refreshing to see an active movement towards promoting the superior Aussie counterpart.

Australia excels in all aspects of window coverings; we have superior technology, we are environmentally responsible in the production and inherent consistency of the products, and we also have teams of dedicated entrepreneurs willing to spend big dollars to keep local industry at the forefront. In a quality driven market, Aussie rules supreme.

Whilst perhaps the local production of soft furnishing fabrics has seen a decline in recent years, huge factories for the manufacture of blind fabrics and componentries is on the increase. Research into high performance blind fabrics that are hard wearing, fire resistant, washable and allergy free is currently happening in Australia, and we are leading the world. This research, combined with state of the art technology, ensures that the end user (you!) will be purchasing products of the highest calibre whilst supporting Aussie industry.

At More than Curtains, we prefer to sell Australian made where possible. We do not get into price wars with competitors who sell inferior products. We are quality driven and totally support Australian workers whenever possible. Remember, if you are looking to purchase blinds, please compare apples with apples and ask where your blinds are made and if the fabric is Australian.

All in all, a lot of information for Elise and I to absorb. Exciting times ahead for More Than Curtains!!!